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The People Who Make Fat Tango Happen

Who do these assholes think they are?

Fat Tango Productions is the sick, twisted brainchild of four amateurs who love the sound of their own voices a little too much. Through their hard work, dedication, and lack of social lives (with probably a healthy dose of stubbornness sprinkled on top), they've built it into the Fat Tango we all know and love today! Okay fine, the Fat Tango that like 30 people know and kinda tolerate. But still, we encourage you to take a look below and learn a little about these losers who sink all their free time into entertaining themselves and maybe like 3 other people. Except for Matt, fuck that guy...

Curtain Call

Michael Lannen

Creative Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Owner

Jeez, Mikey wears a lot of hats... He's the one in charge of making sure all our content is top quality! So please, direct your hate mail towards him. Mikey is also one of the founding members, and he plays a very active role in the creation of our content, from playing a variety of characters to hours upon hours of behind the scenes work from sound design and direction to setting production lineups and writing scripts. For whatever reason he still doesn't have his own social media accounts, otherwise I'd be plugging it here. So instead, the best way to reach him is by following and interacting with Fat Tango on Twitter  @fattangopodcast and Instagram @fattangoproductions.


Ellis Rodriguez

Casting Director, Writer, Actor, Director, Owner

Ellis is a dedicated and professional stand up comedian. He is the director of many shows at Fat Tango. He is the voice of Officer Johnson from said series, as well as many other characters in the podcast. Ellis is a founding member of Fat Tango and the only one of us who's been in the entertainment world for more than a year, so he's the guy who's responsible for the amazing actors who take on the charity case that is Fat Tango Presents. Follow him on Twitter @ellistrated, Instagram @ellistrated, and YouTube at Ellis Rodriguez!

Comedian on Stage

Matt Ridolfi

Operations Director, Writer, Actor,Producer, Director, Owner

Matt is the writer of a majority of Fat Tango Presents singles such as "Pillow Talk," "Gino the Genie," "Pizza Party Podcast," and many more. He is the voice of a number of characters on the podcast. Matt is one of the founders of Fat Tango, and without his efforts behind the scenes keeping the rest of us degenerates on task, Fat Tango would've fizzled out after about a month. As previously mentioned, he should generally be written off for further consideration. Fuck this dude... But, if for whatever reason you wanna see what he's up to, you can find him on Twitter @mattridolfi and on TikTok @mattango


Blake Sweet

Business Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Owner

Blake is a founding member of Fat Tango. He has written favorite singles such as "It's Not You, It's Me" and "Last Resort." Blake is a stand up comedian and all around red blooded American male who voices a number of characters on Fat Tango Presents, as well as sound design and editing. He also does most of the business work behind the scenes that the other guys can't be bothered to do in order to keep the lights on at Fat Tango Studios. If you want to know why we keep him around, give him a follow @blakesweetcomic on Twitter and @bsbscomedy on TikTok 

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